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GNN Classics Club


Welcome to GNN Classics Club

Welcome to Great Neck North's Classics Club! By making it to the high school's Latin program, you clearly have a passion for ancient language and culture, and the Classics Club is here to keep that passion alive. Through activities, competitions, and conventions, we will expand our knowledge in the classics and a develop a stronger program. We hope to create a safe learning and engaging environment that will encourage you to continue pursuing your interest in classics in your high school, college and professional careers and beyond.  We invite all current and past Latin students (and anyone else interested) to join us.  

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Student Activities

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Latest Events at Classics Club

Keep updated on GNN Classic Club's latest and upcoming events and cartamens. 


Past Cartamen

Learn about the amazing performance of the Classics Club during its inaugural year of online certamen.

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Learn about how to join the GNN Classics Club

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